• Image of Wordsworth "Buy Time" ft. Hex One 7" Limited Vinyl

Side A
Prolific rhymewriter Wordsworth joins forces with German producer Monowax for this conceptual work depicting the inevitability for inner city youth to become victims of this ruthless system. Hex One, an MC from the rap duo Epidemic, also lends his talents to add the missing puzzle piece to this timeless track.

Side B
An emotional purge in rhyme form, Epidemic's Hex One pours out some of his most intimate lyrics to date, detailing the ability for music to be a therapeutic tool to relieve pain and stress.

Note: If you want the paper sleeve or center label signed by Hex One, include it in the notes/comments when placing the order.

**Every order comes with a free 7" vinyl of "Back At It" featuring Ruste Juxx and Blaq Poet